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Restaurant «Savoy»

«Chocolate trio» - Unique sophistication for chocolate lovers and connoisseurs: three Belgian chocolate mousse (milk, white and dark) on choco-late brownie. - 2 200 rub/1200 gr.

«Honey cake» - Soft honey cake soaked in caramel cream. - 2 200 rub/1200 gr.

«Kiev classic cake» - Classic Kiev cake with walnuts and soft Praline cream - 2 300 rub/1000 gr.

«Cottage cheese with berries» - Cheese cream with fresh berries on choco-late brownie. - 2 600 rub/1250 gr.

«Banana ice-cream» - Unique mix of white chocolate and fresh bananas: cheese parfait with white choco-late slices and banana on chocolate brown-ies. - 1 800 rub/1150 gr.

«Biscuit cake with fresh fruits and berries» - Biscuits with Bacardi rum, cream
Patissier and fresh fruits, berries and cook-ies. - 2 100 rub/1300 gr.

«Mango-passion fruit mousse» - Fresh tropical mousse with homemade passion fruit marmalade on a thin biscuit - 2 800 rub/1200 gr.

«Pistachio with raspberry cake» - Pistachio slices with cream
"Pistachio praline" with the addition of caramel and fresh raspberries - 2 500 rub/1500 gr.

«Truffle cake» - Belgian mousse based on dark chocolate with walnuts on chocolate brownie - 2 800 rub/1300 gr.

«Black forest» - Chocolate slices in Bacardi rum with cherry jelly and chocolate parfait - 1 600 rub/1070 gr.

«Carrot» (Gluten free) - Spicy biscuits with hazelnuts, cinnamon and almonds, layered with cheese cream
Flour is not used. - 1 800 rub/1050 gr.

«Red velvet» - Classic red velvet: red biscuits with cocoa and cream cheese. - 3 400 rub/1400 gr.

«Napoleon» - Classic Napoleon cake. Puff cakes with Patisier cream(vanilla custard). - 1 600 rub/1140 gr.

Please place an order 3 days in advance from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm hours.
To place an order please call: +7 495 620 86 00
A cake of your dream from 2 kg and more.