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Restaurant «Savoy»


Salted salmon with soft cheese, smoked coho and horseradish Rolls of salted salmon,cream cheese, horseradish,dried olives, salad mix185/30/30900,00
Russian blintzes with red caviar With the Vologda butter, salmon caviar, served with green onion, egg sand sour cream160/20/75700,00
Russian blintzes with sturgeon caviar With the Vologda butter, black caviar "Premium" category, served with green onion, egg and sour cream160/20/45/304000,00
Russian blintzes with pike caviar With the Vologda butter, Astrakhan pike caviar, served with green onion, egg and sour cream160/20/45/30650,00
Blintzes with salted salmon and sour cream Served with green onion, egg and sour cream160/20/45/80700,00
Olyutorsky herring fillet with beets cream Pacific herring from olyutorsky bay, served with potatoes and cream of beet and horseradish90/90/40600,00
Assorted European cheeses Camembert, Rockfort, Maasdam, Parmesan, grapes, croquettes, honey245850,00
Assorted Italian meats Jerked Spanta Romano, chorizo, Parma ham, bread grissini, arugula, olives130750,00
“Savoy” fish plateau Sturgeon smoked and balikova, cold-smoked coho salmon; muksun, low salted salmon210/602200,00
Meat plateau Veal tongue, roast beef, ham, pork belly, pickled vegetables, horseradish, mustard220/60/301300,00
Assorted fresh vegetables Sweet tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, sweet pepper, greens380550,00
Roast beef with vegetables and horseradish sauce Roast beef with grilled vegetables, horseradish cream, frisée180680,00


Old Russian salad with veal and crayfish tails Boiled vegetables, veal, eggs, pickled and fresh cucumbers, crayfish tails, homemade mayonnaise, green salad300650,00
Tomato salad with roasted peppers, avocado and brynza Grilled peppers, tomatoes, avocado, Romaine salad, Kalamata olives with bones, brynza, red onion, olive oil, herbes285580,00
The Kamchatka crab salad Kamchatka crab, crayfish, cucumber, avocado, lettuce, red caviar, quail eggs, cherry tomatoes, homemade mayonnaise2001400,00
Caesar Salad with chicken Romaine lettuce, grilled chicken breast, Caesar dressing, grated cheese, baguette chips, cherry tomatoes205600,00
Arugula with shrimps Cherry tomatoes, grilled tiger shrimps , arugula, avocado, sauce Belcamino110/60800,00
Salad with smoked duck, pickled plum and wild berries Under citrus dressing230750,00


Traditional borsch with veal and garlic pastry Beef broth, veggies, boiled beef, sour cream, garlic, greens300/50/25400,00
Ear Pomeranian with three fishes and vodka Salmon, white salmon and pike-perch cooked in a fish broth with vodka, herbs and potatoes, served pie of fish300/50700,00
Porcini mushroom soup with fennel and pearl barley White mushrooms, potatoes, fennel, leeks, pearl barley, parsley, sour cream300/25400,00
Soup made from lamb with vegetables285/65460,00
Soup-cream of pumpkin with crispy chicken breast Cream of pumpkin, roasted in almonds chicken breast, balsamic cream, sour cream, pumpkin seeds300/50/25/60400,00


Dumplings with pork and veal Homemade traditional dumplings of beef and pork in pastry with spinach, served with sour cream and cracklings210/40/30480,00
Black dumplings of Nelma with red caviar Chopped Nelma and salmon, gherkins, green onions, dough with cuttlefish ink, served with sour cream and red caviar210/40/10750,00
Dumplings of wild elk with forest cranberries Minced wild elk and pork belly, fried onion, spices. Served with cranberries, sour cream and rosemary210/40/10600,00
Salmon in a creamy sauce in a basket from crispy dough White salmon fillet in a cream and wine sauce, baked in puff pastry topped with cheese crust205900,00
Brie cheese in almond petals170/30780,00
Julienne of rabbit in a creamy sauce150/90650,00


Rack of lamb with Dijon sauce Young lamb chops, rosemary grilled potatoes, the sauce of cognac, cream and Dijon mustard150/80/301600,00
Marble grilled steak Steak of grilled marbled beef, served with a green salad and BBQ sauce200/100/502400,00
Schnitzel of pork loin with forest mushroom sauce Pork loin on the bone, cooked in the potato flakes. Served with porcini sauce and cream with pickled baby vegetables200/130750,00
Veal cheeks in red wine Stewed in red wine with vegetables, served with mushed potato and micro salad270/100/12980,00
Beef Stroganoff with wild mushrooms, potato puree and truffle180/1901350,00
Duck leg, stewed in the oven Served with spicy pear and pomegranate sauce150/60/140980,00
Leg of lamb baked in aromatic herbs with hummus400/601500,00
Beef tongue on the grill with potatoes and horseradish240/60900,00
Pozharskaya cutlet with roasted potatoes Chopped cutlet of chicken with butter breaded white baguette, served with baked potatoes and sour cream180/150/80/25650,00


Mixed rise150150,00
French fries150150,00
Steamed broccoli, cauliflower and mini carrots150150,00
Mashed potatoes150100,00
Potatoes roasted with rosemary in olive oil150150,00
Grilled peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini150350,00
Creamy spinach150180,00


Salmon fillet grilled with cream of broccoli Noisette of carrots. Served with a sauce of wine, cream and red caviar160/1401300,00
Halibut steak with a bisque sauce Steak Greenland halibut on the grill, with cream of green peas. Served with a sauce bisque (shrimp, cognac and cream)к150/1001200,00
Sterlet with caviar sauce Served with red caviar sauce, garnished with porcini mushrooms, pickles, asparagus and salad greens500/55/682900,00
Northern cod, cooked in a sauce of tomatoes and cauliflower140/2601000,00
Chilean sea bass with spinach Fillet of Chilean sea bass, mashed potatoes, cream balm, spinach, cooked in cream, frisée80/70/40/202900,00


Fruit plateau380650,00
Assorted cookies117300,00
A basket of baked pies (with mushrooms, veal and cabbage, 2 types each)150210,00
Honey cake120320,00
Anna Pavlova200450,00
Strawberry twist170450,00
Ice cream At Your choice: vanilla, chocolate or creme brulee50130,00
Cheese cake latte150350,00
the Rum baba240430,00
Sorbet At Your choice: lemon-lime, black currant, mango-passion fruit50130,00
Branded “Berlin” cookies puff pastry cookies under lemon glaze45100,00
Apple pie with cranberries200350,00
Jam in assortment50100,00